Monday, October 24, 2011

Recruitment: Full court press?

While the phrase "court recruits" might evoke the image of a delectable meal at a trendy, new bistro, it actually refers to Commonwealth's hoops action.  Engineer John Stieber and a group of colleagues have been playing basketball Monday nights after work at the RAC, Jackson County's nearby multi-purpose sports facility, and the group is looking to expand.

Stieber, a guard/power forward, recently took a few minutes to share a little bit about the team.  He noted that the real secret to their on-court success was that the players share a common bond.  That bond: 60Hz.  "It helps us to stay on the same wavelength on the court," he said. 

When asked whether anyone on the team might be likely to switch careers and turn pro, Stieber replied, "It's mostly just getting out to have fun and get exercise; I personally won't entirely give up my goal of becoming a professional athlete until I hit 35, but as a group our focus is to have fun."  Not unexpectedly, this news was most reassuring to the team in HR.

Stieber indicated that, beyond the friendships and opportunity to socialize, what he liked best about working at Commonwealth was that "Commonwealth has given me important projects to work on the day I began working here as an intern.  This exposure, and having supervisors that have been in the business for decades means that I've been able to grow my skills very quickly."  He continued, "Commonwealth encourages personal growth and will help you in your goals, such as obtaining a master's degree or becoming a professional engineer."

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No basketball skills are necessary, but they're always welcomed.