Thursday, January 26, 2012

The fun starts here!

CONNECT is Commonwealth's social involvement committee.  Its mission is to organize and manage a range of voluntary activities and events for Commonwealth employees, to foster camaraderie, personal and professional growth, and goodwill/corporate citizenship beyond our walls.  

Any interested employee is welcome to join the committee and participate in any of its 3 focus areas: Culture, Compassion, and Community.  

Commonwealth is committed to being an employer of choice.  

In her blog, HR guru Susan Heathfield offers the following 12 Characteristics of an "Employer of Choice":

 1)   Job security
 2)   Empowerment and authority
 3)   Respect
 4)   Opportunity for growth
 5)   Access to information
 6)   Commitment
 7)   Involvement
 8)   Positive relationships with co-workers
 9)   Work/life balance
10)  Performance culture
11)  Fairness
12)  Recognition


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